Monday, June 28, 2010

The m-Power project exchange!

We have a new announcement that I’m sure our customers will love: The m-Power project exchange! It’s like an app store, but for m-Power. Basically, we’ve created an area for m-Power customers to share templates, user defined functions (UDFs), and external objects with other m-Power customers.

Have you created an m-Power template that others might find useful? Feel free to post it. You might find some interesting templates from others that you could use as well. If you don’t how to create a new template, we’ve posted instructions in there as well.

The goal of the project exchange is to give our customers a way to interact and share their creations with one another. We hope you find it useful!  And please stop back to tell us what good things you are doing with these project exchange creations.


Anonymous 8:42 AM  

This is terrific. Love the new templates provided there!

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