Monday, June 14, 2010

Pervasive BI - so what?

I’d like to introduce you to a relatively new concept: Pervasive business intelligence. It’s not some great new buzzword to throw around at meetings, it’s a truly actionable concept that could save time and money for your company.

The idea of pervasive BI is simple: Business intelligence should permeate throughout your business. Real-time data specific to your needs should be at your fingertips all the time. The value is obvious—Quick decisions, increased productivity, better efficiency, etc…

Let’s make this applicable. What does pervasive BI look like?

If I asked you who your top 10 best customers were this quarter, how quickly could you get the information? Could you pull up a dashboard or run a quick ranking report and give me the answer in a matter of seconds? Or would you have to request the info from someone else?

If I asked your accountants to throw a quick pivot table together outlining your sales by year, quarter, and month, how long would that take? Would they have to gather and massage the data for a few hours, or could they quickly pull up a web-based pivot table and give me an answer in seconds?

Do you get the idea? Data is less valuable if you can’t access it easily. If everyone in your company can’t pull up data applicable to their job in a moment’s notice, you’re wasting time.

If you don’t have a solid pervasive BI solution in your company, ask your IT department one question: Why? If you’re in the IT department, and you can’t answer that question, we’ll help you get there easily. Just fill out this short form.


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