Friday, March 31, 2006

All the news that's fit to print.

To do a better job of keeping you informed of major changes, we've added a new "breaking" news section added to our home page.

When we make a big announcement, include a major update to m-Power, or there's something important going on in the industry that we don't want you to miss, this section will appear to let you know what's going on.

To view this new mrc news section, just visit our home page:

Monday, March 27, 2006

m-Painter, how do I love thee?
Let me count the top five ways...

We just announced a new feature of m-Power today: m-Painter, and I have to's really cool. It can turn you into a Web designer with zero effort.

You can now easily incorporate elements like your corporate logo, a color scheme or an alternative layout, no matter what your level of Web expertise. Basically anything you want to do to the presentation layer of your applications can now be done with just a drag and drop of your mouse.

m-Painter is so much cooler than other painting alternatives... here are the top 5 ways:

1. There is nothing to download or deploy. It is entirely browser-based.

2. It hits the Productivity Sweet Spot for end-users and developers because of two modes: WYSIWYG and plain text editor. You can toggle back and forth and make alterations in the mode you feel most comfortable.

3. You can preview changes with live data without any web server reload delay before saving/deploying.

4. There is a thorough integration of WYSIWYG mode and mrc templates, allowing you to get creative with the look of your applications.

5. This browser-based solution is a built-in feature of the mrc interface and requires no mapped drive or special security.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can incorporate this new benefit, just fill out this form.

Or, for further information on features, you can get a basic overview here.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do you have the mettle? 2006 Development challenge.

So many of you have built such cool business applications, that we have decided to sponsor a brand new 2006 Web Development Contest.

Trophy will be awarded at the end of year to winners, including press release ad promotion featuring contest winners sent to industry magazines. All previous entries in the 2005 Forum will be automatically entered into this contest.

How to enter? Just post your contest entry in the mrc User forum, with your contact information.

There's a sample entry on the forum, to help make it easy for you to enter.

If you’d like to enter, but you are concerned about revealing private company data, or aren’t sure if you can get permission to show your work publicly, simply drop us a line at, or call us at 630-916-0662, and we’ll figure something out.

The underlying purpose of this contest is to develop a greater resource where you and fellow deveopers can visit to get ideas for your next project from best practice applications. The more of you that participate, the more you can gain from the wealth of your peers insights and knowledge and mistakes, and get comments/feedback from other users to help you make your applications stronger.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Create a Java servlet in minutes with this free online trial of m-Power.

Test drive mrc's m-Power software right now, and create a Java servlet application (or two) in a matter of minutes!

There is nothing to download, and no prior Java training necessary.

Just sign in to gain password access to m-Power's step-by-step development interface, and go for it!

Friday, March 17, 2006

2006 Trends and the Pursuit of the Frictionless Business Platform

CIO Insight recently conducted a number of in-depth surveys to break down the top 30 trends of 2006 and found that this year's CIOs have to build platforms that can make their companies flexible and frictionless.

According to CIO Insight: "By running supply-chain and logistics systems over their networks, companies seek to integrate partners, outsourcers and suppliers into their operations. Portals and collaboration software can allow employees to use the same systems wherever they go."

Here are a few ways to do that: partner extranet (Follow login instructions), an internal portal, and an e-commerce shopping cart (Select bicycles link and begin ordering to see it in action).

In the coming weeks, I'll be examining many of these top 2006 trends myself in more depth, and what these mean to you. To get a head start, here's the full article:,1540,1909968,00.asp

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