Friday, June 18, 2010

10 best business apps for Android, iPhone

As more and more Android phones are released and iPhones continue selling like hotcakes, we’re only going to see more of both in the business. For those contemplating a switch, but can’t decide between iPhone or Android for the business, I recommend this article.

For those who already use one or the other for business, you’ll no doubt find an overwhelming number of applications to choose from. If you’re looking for the best, here are two different articles listing the 10 best business apps for both Android and the iPhone.

Or, you could just do what this guy did and create your own applications using your business data.

Of course, when using the word “best,” it all comes down to opinion. What are your favorite business applications for Android or the iPhone?


Anonymous 12:49 PM  

article link is broken

joestangarone 3:21 PM  

Thanks for the note! I've checked the link and it appears fine. Maybe your browser is blocking it as it tries to open in a new window.

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