Friday, June 25, 2010

8 ways to keep your best workers on board

The impending NBA free agent signing season has dominated the sporting news over the last month, at least in Chicago. Can the Cavaliers keep Lebron? Where will all the high-priced, high-talent players land? As a Bulls fan, I hope they all come to Chicago. (As a realist, I know they won’t.)

I think this situation is very similar to the business world. Every company has high-performing workers that they hope to retain. The difference between the NBA and business: In the business world your highly talented workers aren’t under contract. They can leave whenever they want. If they do leave, you stand to lose productivity and even money, depending on their responsibilities.

So, how do you retain your best workers? As evidenced by this article on entitled, "8 ways to keep your best workers on board," there is more to employee retention than high salaries. The trick is figuring out what appeals most to each employee.

If you have any employee retention strategies not mentioned in the article, I’d love to hear them.


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