Friday, July 02, 2010

100 best places to work in IT 2010

Computerworld recently published their annual report of "100 best places to work in IT". The list includes a brief description of each company and why they were selected.

I think the real benefit of this list isn’t the companies mentioned, it’s how they got there. I don’t view this as a list of great places to work. I see companies who know how to attract the best talent.

The companies on this list understand one important principle of business: If you want the best performance, you must attract the best talent. If you attract the best talent, you become a more productive and better overall company.

Just think, if these companies need a new hire, they have qualified people lining up to work for them. Do you think they’ll have to settle for the best available candidate because they can’t find a perfect fit? Probably not.


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