Saturday, July 17, 2010

Google App Inventor: A game changer?

Google made news this past week with the announcement of their Google App Inventor. The idea is simple: The app inventor lets anyone (not just developers) develop applications for Android.

Is this a game changer? I think so. Here are a couple reasons why. First, this is huge for the Android platform. Google just increased their developer base by leaps and bounds. If Google was lagging behind Apple in the app department, they won’t be for long.

Second, many businesses (and individuals) have application ideas that they couldn’t create because they lacked the know-how. Now anyone with great app ideas can turn those ideas into reality, even if they aren’t developers. Now, your company can have your own customized Android application!

Unfortunately, the App Inventor is limited to the Android platform. Do you wish there was an App Inventor for regular web applications? You’re in luck! m-Power is like Google App Inventor, but for business web apps. You don’t have to be a programmer to create any type of business application you can imagine.

If you want to see some example applications created with m-Power, check out the demo site. If you want to try m-Power for yourself, take it for a free Test Drive.


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