Friday, October 01, 2010

Visualize Key Performance Indicators with a heat table

A while back, I wrote up a blog post introducing the new m-Power Project Exchange.   In short, the project exchange is like an app store, but for m-Power. It’s a place for m-Power users to share templates, user defined functions (UDFs), and external objects with other m-Power users.

We’ve had some nice additions to the project exchange, some which could really help all sorts of companies. For example, this template lets you visualize key performance indicators (KPI) with a heat table.

What is a heat table? It automatically evaluates the current sorted column, compares the values within the column, and assigns colors to each row based on those values.  (Think red bad, needs action, green good, pat someone on the back.)  Even better yet, it automatically re-colors the rows every time the data is resorted. It leaves you with easy to read actionable data.

The best part:  If you download this template and create some cool heat tables, you don’t have to tell anyone how easy it was. To download and use this template, click here.


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