Thursday, September 30, 2010

19 gadgets that changed the world

Have you ever stopped to think just how differently we operate today compared to 10 or even 20 years ago? Newer and more advanced gadgets have made us more efficient (and sometimes lazier) than ever before. Which gadgets have changed our lives the most? recently published a list of “19 gadgets that changed the world” that provides a listing of the most important gadgets and how they affected our lives.

While gadgets are often considered to be consumer-oriented, they play a huge role in the business world as well. The rise of laptops and smart phones have driven two very important business trends: Mobility and real-time data. These days, business data must be accessible from anywhere at any time. Over the next few years, these trends will only advance. Companies who don’t keep up with these two trends will be at a serious disadvantage.

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Anonymous 2:54 PM  

I can't believe that you left off the fax machine. I remember how that changed everything in the way we did business.

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