Friday, September 03, 2010

10 unusual ways to cut costs in the office

Saving money around the office is a tricky topic because saving money often results in lower morale. In order to save money, managers often remove employee perks and other items that employees enjoyed.

For example, I know of one company that stopped buying donuts for the weekly staff meetings in order to save money. Another company removed tea and hot cocoa from their lunch room. Are these savings enough to offset the decreased employee morale? It’s debatable.

I recently found a nice article listing "10 unusual ways to cut costs in the office." The nice thing about the ideas listed in the article: They don’t take anything away from your employees. While none of them provide huge savings, there are some pretty good tips in there. Better yet, you can save money and maintain morale!

If you’re interested in more ways to save money, check out this interactive presentation entitled "7 ways to save money with web apps." It lists actionable ways that real companies used web applications to save money. Who knows…maybe your company could use a couple of them.


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