Friday, October 29, 2010

Say goodbye to mail merges

I remember when printing labels for mailing required typewriters. It was quite a chore. Then, along came MS office and the mail merge, which simplified the job but still required a bit of work. You still had to get your list together, clean it up and format it in excel, and then mail merge it into a Word doc.

I’d like to highlight another project in our m-Power Project Exchange that simplifies your mailing label duties: The 3-Up Label Template. Basically, it pulls the addresses you need from your database and automatically puts them in a 3-Up Label format (PDF), all ready to print. No more finding, formatting, and setting up a mail merge. Just set up the template and print away!

You can find this and other free templates in the m-Power Project Exchange. If you want to learn more about m-Power, check out this demo video.


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