Monday, October 25, 2010

Building and using Pivot Tables (explained via video)

Pivot tables are great analytical tools—they sum up large amounts of data and let you view it in just about any way possible. More importantly, they help you quickly analyze business information, discover trends, and make better and more informed decisions.

Pivot tables are typically found in spreadsheet software, such as Excel. Spreadsheet-based pivot tables are great as single-user tools, but you run into problems if you want to distribute, share, or let multiple users alter or view one spreadsheet. Also, if security or data accuracy are necessities, spreadsheet-based pivot tables aren’t ideal.

If you’ve ever run into any of these issues with pivot tables, you should really check out our web-based pivot table. It combines the power of pivot tables with the advantages of database-driven web applications. Also, if you want to learn more about the web-based pivot table, this short video explains a few of the features.

This application was built with m-Power. If you want to build a couple of similar web applications in about a half hour, you should try our free m-Power Test Drive.


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