Friday, April 30, 2010

How to communicate tech ideas to management

Techrepublic has some interesting things to say on this subject.

Pretend for a moment that you are an IT leader. (If you actually are an IT leader, this will be easy) You know what the company needs from a tech standpoint, but your CEO doesn’t. He/she may be technologically illiterate. How do you communicate your tech needs in a way he/she will understand?

First things first, leave your ego in your office. Don’t throw around big technical words just to sound smart or feel important. While that may make you feel better, it does nothing to help the situation.

Second, don’t focus on tech specs, focus on the business. The CEO doesn’t care how everything works or even what everything is called, they care about how it affects the business. Ask yourself this question: “How will this help the business?” If you can answer that question with quantifiable benefits, you have a great chance of getting the CEO’s approval.

For example: The CEO may not understand what a development tool is, but they will be all for it if you explain how it will save time, money, and increase productivity while eliminating the need for outsourcing. What CEO doesn’t want that?

If you want some more tips on communicating your IT strategy to upper management, this article on has some good advice. How about you? What’s your advice for communicating technology to the technologically illiterate? I’d also be curious to hear thoughts from CEO’s on the matter.


Project Management Team 6:17 AM  

I have been wondering about this issue. Great communication information between technical ideas with management.

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