Thursday, April 15, 2010

75 popular open source desktop downloads

Think open source software isn’t for the enterprise? Think again. There is more great open source software available to businesses now than ever before. I just ran across a great list of 75 popular open source desktop downloads on Even better yet, many of them could replace expensive corporate software in your office.

However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that the only benefit of open source is free software. Open source is not only a smart business move, it is something you should carefully consider when making software purchases.

Let me explain: If your software is built with or uses proprietary code, you are dependent on one vendor. If they go out of business, you’re stuck. If you need to alter or maintain your software, you are stuck with that vendor and whatever fees they feel like charging.

However, if you purchase software built with open source code and frameworks, you won’t have those problems. You’re not dependant on one company anymore. You have a community supporting your software and you’re not stuck paying high vendor fees to update or fix it.

When making a software purchase, carefully consider architecture. If it’s built with or requires you to learn proprietary languages, stay way. You don’t want your company’s success to be dependent on another company's health.


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