Friday, April 02, 2010

How to teach yourself programming in 21 days

If I could give you two pieces of advice, they would be: First, never argue programming languages with a programmer, and second, never argue with your barber during a haircut. One is a lesson in futility and the other will make you look silly for at least a week.

While it’s impossible to get programmers with different skills to agree on which programming language is best, I believe they will all agree with one thing: Becoming a skilled programmer takes time. Even the simplest languages take time to learn and experience to use successfully.

I’ve seen many different programs claiming to help you learn a programming language in days. From what I’ve seen however, none of them give you enterprise-level skills. In fact, this (humorous) approach is the most feasible way I’ve ever seen to learning a programming language in a short amount of time.

The most intelligent way I’ve ever seen comes from the web application development specialist at Emhart Glass. He doesn’t know Java, one of the most difficult languages to learn, yet he makes Java web applications. He’s figured out how to program without learning the language. It only took him a few days to get up and running and he programs faster than the most experienced programmers. In fact, he just made Java-based iPhone apps for his company.


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