Monday, January 04, 2010

Unplug and give your mind a break

We live in a very “plugged in” age.  At work, we sit in front of a computer.  On the road, we listen to music or talk on the phone.  At home, we have televisions, computers, game consoles, etc….  The point is, how much time do you spend completely unplugged from outside distractions?  Probably not much.

Your brain is a muscle, one that needs a break once in a while.  Sometimes we need to unplug--turn everything off, and just think.  While I have no science to back this up, I truly believe this improves productivity.  I’ve noticed it to be true for me--when I give my mind a break, my productivity increases.  Try it sometime, you might surprise yourself.

Need to find some ways to recharge your mind throughout the day?  Here’s a nice article on entitled, “6 ways to find quiet during a busy day”.


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