Thursday, January 14, 2010

Budget tips for 2010

The big question surrounding 2010 is this: How much will the economy improve? Some predict massive improvements. Most predict a gradual change. I agree with the latter.

How will the uncertainty surrounding the economy impact IT spending budgets, if at all? I believe the spending mentality is changing, and companies aren’t willing to write out the big checks like they were in the past. Two reasons drive this change: First, the uncertain economy will lead to a cautious approach to spending. Second, companies have more options than ever before. Why spend 6-figures for enterprise software when they have 10 other viable alternatives for a fraction of the price?

This article in provides more great insight into the state of budgets for 2010, as well as some good tips in general. The most important tips mentioned in the article that company leaders should focus on: Reducing long-term IT costs and increasing efficiency.

Do you have any other suggestions?


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