Monday, January 25, 2010

Don’t drive with your eyes closed

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend across many businesses. They have data, lots of data, but have no way of easily accessing that data. Some have to request reports from IT, which can take days to receive. For others, analyzing data from the past months or years usually involves spreadsheets and can take up to a week to complete.

How can you direct a company if you can’t easily access real-time business data whenever you want? It’s like driving with your eyes closed.

If running reports or viewing your critical business data is a chore or isn’t real-time, then check out the new class of reports we are adding to m-Power: The interactive reporting class. It gives you instant access to all of your critical business data, along with the ability to drill down to the minute details with just a few mouse clicks.

Better yet, it is easy to create. All of the features and functionality are already baked into the application. Users just need to select "interactive report" when choosing application type. In fact, interactive reports can be built in around 15 minutes.


Anonymous 12:06 PM  

Looks great! How do we get it?

joestangarone 5:16 PM  

Thanks! The new interactive reporting template will be integrated into m-Power in the near future.

I'll be sure to mention it right here when that happens.

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