Friday, October 23, 2009

10 tech trends to watch in 2010

The technology industry is easily one of the fastest moving industries. New advancements in technology frequently bring new time/money saving opportunities for businesses. However, the IT industry as a whole is slow to adopt many of these new technology trends. Why? I could rattle off a number of reasons, but I think this article in Techrepublic really hits the nail on the head.

That being said, those who stay on top of the ever-changing technology industry have a real chance to better their organizations. But what are the latest up-and-coming tech trends? Gartner offered its opinion on the top tech trends of 2010, which you can find on


Eric Blasenheim 11:16 AM  

What's interesting and true about your post can also be said about your email notification and website.

The e-mail said "10 tech trends to watch in 2010" but when I clicked on it I had to browse my way through a two articles not about this, then read something that was going to take me to another site to read about the 10 trends! My initial impression went from "Here's someone's thoughts on an important issue" to "false advertising"

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