Saturday, October 24, 2009

Are you proud of the face of your company?

The face of your company is whoever or whatever a potential client encounters first. It could be a person, a website, or a physical store. It creates a positive or negative impression and often makes or breaks a sale. Take this story for example:

I had problems with my internet service provider a few months ago, so I decided to explore other options. I called a rival internet service provider, explained my situation, and asked for more information about their plans. I fully expected to switch over right then and there.

The saleswoman I spoke with had other plans. She acted disinterested and bored. Her tone of voice made it quite clear that I was wasting her time. After the phone call was over, my current provider didn’t look as bad anymore.

This situation begs an important question for any company: Is the face of your company making or preventing sales? Here are a couple examples:

  • If I call your sales line and the salesperson isn’t interested in talking to me, you’ve just lost a sale.
  • If your store is dirty, cluttered, or dis-organized, I'm less likely to spend much time in it and find what I want.
  • If your website is poorly constructed and/or difficult to navigate, it might actually prevent sales.

These are basic concepts, but so many companies ignore them in order to save money. Wouldn’t you rather spend the extra time and money to guarantee that those representing your company are doing it well, and not actually harming the company?


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