Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is your great software actually worthless?

User adoption is a funny thing. You may have the best, most cutting-edge software in the world, but if people in your organization don’t use it, it's worthless. Many enterprise software purchases focus on features and functionality, while forgetting the most important aspect of all—user adoption.

I recently spoke with a former insurance company employee. Their IT department rolled out some powerful ad-hoc reporting software that required multiple training classes to understand. To make a long story short, people went back to the old method of requesting reports from the IT department because the software was so complicated.

When it comes to applications that non-IT employees must use, such as ad-hoc reporting applications, ease of use is paramount. For instance, take a look at this ranking report example. While you are there, hover over the (and tell us what you think of our new Crazybikes user guide). Do you think non-IT employees would need a training class to run ad-hoc reports with this?

Want to create reports like this for your users? Let us know and we’ll build you a free proof of concept application.


Terry Nonamaker 12:38 PM  

We already have your product, just looking for ideas. In your example at CrazyBikes, the excel did not work. (File R00160s.xlm is in a different format than specified by the file extension) also (missing file C:\mrcjava\image\CBhelp\main.css). It did come up, but some things were missing from the view. I have Office 2007. Pdf also did not work, (to much to write) I have Acrobat 7.0 Professional. Saving grace, HTML worked just fine. I know you have a great product, but you might want to check this out.

joestangarone 4:20 PM  

Hi Terry,

Thank you for letting me know about this issue. I have notified our development team and they are working to correct the problem.

Thanks again!

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