Monday, June 16, 2008

Your Bug. Your Problem?

If you were contacted by a previous employer and asked to fix a bug in code that you had written, what would you do? That’s the question recently posed in this article.

Personally, I found the reader's comments to this article just as interesting as the article itself. Some commented that they would in fact help out, while others cited potential legal problems and possibilities of recurring requests for help as reasons not to.

Of course, this situation could be completely avoided simply by writing flawless code 100% of the time. Impossible? You should try using m-Power. It generates error- and syntax-free java code through a simple point-and-click interface, eliminating the possibility of bugs altogether. m-Power allows you to spend your time programming and being productive, without wasting time finding and fixing bugs. That is why we have had so many customers tell us, “m-Power makes programming fun again”!

If you would like to see what they are talking about, check out our online lab where you can create a couple error free java applications in under one hour.


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