Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mobile Security?

Mobile devices and applications have taken over many functions previously carried out by the PC. As a result, we now have new, transportable security risks. For instance, if a mobile device loaded with confidential information is lost or stolen, two potential problems arise:

  1. Confidential company information could be stolen.

  2. Confidential customer or employee information, such as social security numbers, could be stolen.

Companies are required to notify anyone, customer or employee, whose personal information may be at risk should a security breach occur. Besides being an expensive process, it's also a PR nightmare.

With all these potential risks looming, one would assume that companies have a mobile device management strategy in place.

Surprisingly, that isn’t the case. According to this Information Week article, not only are most companies without a mobile device management strategy, but most don’t even plan on implementing one in the near future. Perceived lack of need, cost, and complexity are three main reasons that many companies don’t deal with this problem.

One way to completely avoid mobile security issues is by using web applications. Rather than placing confidential information on a mobile device, keep it securely stored on your servers. Then, create secure web applications to access the information with your mobile device.


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