Friday, June 13, 2008

5 Free Open-Source Blackberry Applications

The Blackberry is an extremely useful device right out of the box, but it's quite a bit more useful with additional applications. While I love the fact that most of the applications are free, there is one thing I like better: free open-source applications.

I recently ran across 5 free open-source applications for your Blackberry that I’m sure you’ll find useful. You can read about and access them here>>.

I am certain you've heard about Apple's announcements this week. One in particular - a common development environment for both their iPhone and Leopard (read computer) applications which should set them apart from RIM and the BlackBerry.

Well, I don't think so. Although they may present it as they're taking the lead in this area, m-Power has provided that to customers for years now. And,I'm willing to bet that our development environment has some serious advantages over Apple's. For server based business applications that also deploy to handhelds, like the BlackBerry, you can't beat m-Power.


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