Thursday, September 23, 2010

IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2

InformationWeek recently published a follow-up to their popular "IT Hall of Shame" article, with another article: IT Hall of Shame, Part 2. This article lists some of the biggest flops and errors ever to grace the IT industry.

While these articles are interesting, they provide us with opportunities to learn from other people’s mistakes. When I see articles like this, I think, “What did they do wrong, and how can I avoid it?” Mistakes at these levels aren’t minor…they often cost millions of dollars.

In this article, I see a theme among a few of the entries: Poor planning and testing. Many times, businesses are so anxious to release a product, they cut back on planning and testing. In the end, however, the cost of fixing these errors is greater than the cost of proper planning and testing.

How about you? Can you find any other lessons we can learn from this list?


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