Friday, August 06, 2010

5 tips for becoming a better leader

What makes a good leader? I see some companies who assume a good leader is someone who is very smart or who is very good at their job. Not necessarily. While it’s definitely possible, a great employee does not always translate into a great leader.

A leader inspires others to be better. A leader improves their employee’s productivity. A leader sets a good example.

If you are a leader looking for ways to improve, check out this article on, entitled, "5 tips for becoming a better leader." Most of the tips apply to productivity, and they are all designed to make you become a better leader.

As always, feel free to add your thoughts on ways to become a better leader.


Anonymous 7:27 AM  

My son has recently joined the Bopy Scouts and I have signed back on as an assistant scoutmaster after being away for a while when son was in the Boy Scout program. One of the challenges the boys all face during camping activities is working together to accomplish everyting needing to be done on a weekends activities. One of the things I am going to try to accomplish is to "catch someone doing something right" and reward them through recognition. A leader should recognize those who quietly go about getting things accomplished and make sure their work is noticed and appreciated.

joestangarone 8:30 AM  

Excellent example, I love it! It's very true...too often, people are only noticed when they make a mistake. I completely agree with you: Leaders should look for accomplishments to recognize. It goes a long way towards creating happy employees.

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