Thursday, August 12, 2010

33 free and low cost web-based tools for business

In the past, business applications were synonymous with high cost. Why? There weren’t any cheaper, quality options. Vendors realized this and knew they could charge high user or monthly fees. I’m blown away when I hear how much certain applications or systems cost.

I believe this practice is on its way out. The rise of web applications is slowly changing the game. These days, there are plenty of good, cheap (and sometimes free), web-based application alternatives for you to try.

I recently found a great article entitled, "How to Run Your Entire Business Using Free and Low Cost Web Apps," which lists 33 great web-based tools for business. Many of these applications could replace your existing high priced applications.

If you want to create your own web-based business applications, give m-Power a try. What types of applications can you create? Anything you can imagine. Check out the demo site for a few possibilities. If you want to learn more about m-Power, take it for a Test Drive.


Anonymous 2:51 PM  

would be nice if the m-power site alloed more options in the pivot table.

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