Thursday, August 05, 2010

10 tech skills in demand right now

I hear many tech people complain that no one is hiring IT staff. On the flip side, I hear complaints from companies who can’t find good IT talent. I’m confused…considering the job market, there must be qualified help available for nearly any skill-set.

According to, there is a high demand for skilled IT staff, particularly in programming and software development. In fact, they say there are over 14,000 job openings for Java developers alone.

But, that’s not the only skill in demand. If you want to see the other 9 jobs in demand right now, head over to

Here’s a question: What happens if your company needs one of these skills in your office but can’t afford to hire a new employee? Depending on the skill needed, you may have options. For example, if you need a Java developer but can’t afford to hire one, use m-Power instead. m-Power turns anyone into a productive Java developer in a matter of days.

Check out a video demo if you want to learn more, or take m-Power for a test drive.


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