Friday, November 13, 2009

Integration and ease of use vs. features

A couple of weeks ago, I stressed the importance of user adoption in the software purchase process. Software that users don’t use is useless, however full-featured and powerful it may be.

Similar to user adoption, I believe that integration often takes a back seat to features in the buying process. Companies become so blinded by functionality, they lose sight of the more important aspect - software integration.

As much as poor user adoption wastes money, un-integrated software hurts productivity. This article in contains a great example of problems caused by software that doesn’t communicate with other software.

Next time your company buys software, keep this advice in mind: Features are nice, but ease of use and integration are more important to a business.


Anonymous 7:57 PM  

Unfortunately, sales people aren't very good at selling integration. It is a lot easier to sell features.

Mark - Productivity501

Helen Neely 9:55 AM  

It's not just sales people that can't sell integration, developers sometimes lack the necessary skills needed to push their product through.

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