Thursday, November 05, 2009

5 ways IT wastes money

I believe technology provides the most opportunity for businesses to save money. At the same time, technology can turn into a major budget drain if not managed correctly.

Want to see the most common “budget-drainers”? Here is an interesting video on, entitled, “5 ways IT is probably wasting money.” While it contains some great points, I want to add one more for consideration: Failure to use the proper tools.

I’ve seen some companies refuse to buy software development tools in order to save money. They could easily justify the dollars they didn't spend on software, training, and maintenance. What they often didn't account for was the cost of not doing a project, or getting it done in years rather than weeks. If their competition DID it right and they DIDN'T, often times the cost was their business viability.

Don't let this happen to you. If you find it difficult to measure the value a new application might have for your business, ask one of our consultants or salespeople to help. They have lot of experience with successful projects and companies that they can draw on to help you determine the merits of your next potential project.


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