Friday, January 16, 2009

When it comes to ROI, talk is cheap

I regularly receive calls from salespeople who inform me that their product will provide a great return on investment (ROI) for my company. Instantly, I’m skeptical. Why?

- Because they don’t know my company.
- Because everyone promises ROI
- Because too few actually deliver.
- Because talk is cheap.
Anyone can promise ROI, but not everyone can prove it. Here's my two cents: If they’re confident in their product, they’ll prove it to you. If they’re really confident, they’ll prove it free of charge. That’s how you separate the facts from the claims.

Want us to prove m-Power’s ROI to you? Just fill out this short form and we’ll build you a web application using your own files, absolutely free and without further obligation. Check out our Crazybikes demo site for a few examples of what you can build with m-Power.


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