Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bring your ideas to life

If I talked to 100 people, I’ll bet I would get 90 different opinions about what their company could/should do differently. I’ll even bet that a large portion of those would be good, solid ideas that would help their company.

The problem is this: For whatever reason, most of these ideas will never go anywhere.

We want to help your ideas get recognized. If you have an idea for your company that involves web applications, we will build it for you, absolutely free and without obligation.

Imagine walking into the boss’ office with not only a great idea, but a working prototype that you didn't waste your time on or even pay for. Now imagine that your company used your idea as a result. Now there's a good way to get recognized at work.

Ready to see your ideas in action? Fill out this short form to get started.


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