Monday, November 08, 2010

Dashboards: Simplified and Interactive (with demo)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a few of our latest executive dashboard improvements within m-Power. Dashboard creation is easier, dashboards are more customizable, and last but not least, dashboards are interactive. Now, we even have a new dashboard demo which demonstrates a couple of these new upgrades.

When you check out the demo, try a couple things: First, try repositioning the dashboard widgets. It’s all drag and drop. Imagine it’s your dashboard and you want to format the dashboard for optimal readability.

Second, try the filters on the left side of the page. Typical dashboards only display static graphs and charts. Not this dashboard. This dashboard lets you quickly apply filters and display however much data you wish. Only want one product’s data in the dashboard? Only want 2 countries? Want to see your dashboard by region? The filters let you alter your dashboard display in seconds and quickly analyze any aspect of your business.

If you want to create dashboards like this, let us know. Or, if you want to try m-Power out for yourself, take it for a free test drive.


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