Thursday, November 11, 2010

2011 IT Skills and Salary Guide

I recently read this interesting article on business lessons to take from Blockbuster’s demise. The article brought up a great point: This is a prime example of what happens when you stagnate. It doesn’t matter how great business is right now, how are you innovating for the future?

I think the lesson applies to both IT professionals and companies. If you’re an IT professional, how are you keeping your skills current? As a company, how are you keeping your business current? A great place to start: Staying on top of tech advancements. The best way to stay on top of tech advancements: Help your IT staff maintain current skills.

So, which skills are hot going into 2011? I recently ran across the 2011 IT Salary Guide, which not only lists estimated 2011 IT salaries, but also which skills command a higher salary. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an IT professional or a business, pay attention: Those are the skills that will keep you ahead.


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