Friday, May 14, 2010

New m-Power feature: Pivot-table reporting!

I’m excited to announce m-Power’s newest reporting template: The pivot table reporting template! (If you are unfamiliar with our template/model based approach to application development, please read our "build process" page.)

What are pivot tables? Pivot tables are interactive tables that automatically extract, organize, and summarize data. Pivot tables are usually Excel™-based and most often used to analyze data, make comparisons, and discover trends.

So, how is m-Power’s new pivot table template different? Well, unlike Excel, pivot tables created with m-Power are web-based and access data directly from your database. Why is that important? Here are a few reasons:
  • Easier to create and use: Since all the data already exists in your database, there’s no need to gather and sort data like you would in Excel. It’s just a matter of setting your dimensions and clicking “Run”. I know some managers who spend hours every month creating pivot table reports. m-Power’s new pivot table turns these hours into minutes.
  • Accessibility: Web-based pivot tables can be accessed anywhere at any time. No need to email spreadsheets to yourself or anyone else anymore.
  • Security: Excel-based pivot tables can be stored in many locations, increasing the chances for a security breach. Web-based pivot tables are stored securely in one location behind as much security as you wish. You can even set security to limit access to specific people.
  • Accurate data: m-Power’s web-based pivot tables pull data directly from your database, ensuring that you are always looking at the most current up-to-date data possible.
If you’ve ever used pivot tables before, I’d really like to hear what you think of this new report. You can check out a demo here>>.

If you like the demo but wonder how it would work for your company, we'd love to show you. We will gladly build you a free, proof of concept pivot table application using your own data. Fill out this short form to get started.


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