Monday, May 31, 2010

Keys to a successful BI implementation

Business intelligence (BI) can provide incredible advantages when implemented correctly, such as agility, better decision-making, and even increased profitability. BI is not without risks, however, as evidenced by this article on

How can you implement a BI solution with the greatest chance for success? Let’s take a look at our options. In the past, there were really only two: Build it yourself or buy a pre-packaged solution.

Pre-packaged, off-the-shelf BI solutions are expensive, but let you get up and running quickly. Additionally, since it is pre-packaged, it probably won’t fit all of your business needs or requirements. However, if you want something up and running quickly, and have money to spend, you may opt for this route.

The “build it yourself” approach will leave you with exactly what you need, but requires lots of time. Additionally, a couple other problems can crop up. First, if you don’t have experience building BI solutions, you may not understand everything your company needs. Secondly, if you don’t have all the skills in-house, a custom BI solution can become expensive very quickly. If customization is important, and you have the time and resources, this option may be for you.

My opinion: Do a little of both using m-Power. m-Power gives you a custom BI solution that’s far cheaper than the pre-packaged BI solution and far faster than the “build it yourself” option. m-Power uses pre-built templates that speed up application development, but still let you create custom applications. You can learn more in our build process page.

If you are interested in a custom BI solution, built quickly and cost effectively, let us know. We provide the tools to let you build your own BI solutions easily, the training to get you started quickly, and the consultants to guide you through the process. Please fill out this short form to learn more, or try taking m-Power for a test drive.


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