Monday, February 15, 2010

The real-time revolution

Do you still offer "24-hour turnaround?" Do year-end reports require days of analyzing spreadsheets? Do you enter the same data into multiple systems? Do you still request reports from IT?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you're not operating in real-time.  If you're not operating in real-time, you're wasting time.

Yes, I do talk about real-time quite a bit, but not without a good reason. As this article on points out, the real-time revolution is coming. Are you ready? Is your business operating in real-time, or stuck in the past? Any company not operating in real-time will fall further and further behind the longer they put it off.

How far behind are you?

The good news: Catching up isn't as difficult as you think. We put together a nice little demo site, Crazybikes, which does a great job demonstrating real-time information. Go ahead and try it. Everything is connected and everything is real-time. Make a change in one area and it will reflect across the entire site. The reason: All of those applications communicate directly with the database. That's what you should be shooting for.

Not sure how to get there? Let one of our business consultants give you a free consultation.


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