Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 IT Salary Survey recently released their annual IT salary survey, and some of the results are rather interesting. For example, I’ve never seen such a disparity in salaries/raises across different industries and regions.

Also, I found another bit of information really interesting. According to the survey, the IT industry is one of the best industries to be in right now, but IT professionals are feeling increasingly unsure in their choice of a career path. I’m curious to hear what you think. How do you feel about your choice of IT as a career?


Anonymous 11:09 AM  

At 21 years in the field, I can't say that it's been a mistake :) However, considering how frequently and easily IT jobs have been outsourced, I would not recommend the field today. My position has been spared being cut twice in the past 4 years and there will be another before year-end. "Can I supersize that order for you, ma'am"?

Anonymous 2:37 PM  

I am glad I am on the way out ( retiring) and not on the way in...

Anonymous 11:02 AM  

I am 49 this year with about 22 years in IT. I think it has been a great career. However, I am at a point where I wonder if I have another 20 years of doing "this". I am considering going back to school to obtain new skills and perspectives. New skills always helps in IT, but what I'm really interested in are the new perspectives. As IT pros, we have to find ways to help our companies and bringing some "new eyes" will be more useful than learning a new language.

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