Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Is Outsourcing a Security Risk?

When you hear the word, “Outsourcing”, what comes to your mind? Big savings? Big pain? Smart business? Necessary evil? According to a recent security study detailed on ITWire.com, the two words that should come to your mind are, “Security risk”.

Most of the participants in the security study agreed that outsourcing increases the likelihood of hacking. However, while they feel that internally written code is far safer, many companies still outsource their application development, undoubtedly for cost reasons.

Quite a dilemma? Do you choose the cheap but vulnerable option, or the secure but expensive one?

What if you could choose the cheap and secure option? We think you can. Here’s how.

Develop your applications internally with m-Power. m-Power generates java code through a simple point-and-click interface, increasing development productivity tenfold. It’s cheaper than outsourcing and builds industry standard security into everything it generates. You will save time and money, without worrying about security.

To learn more about m-Power click here. To experience m-Power for yourself, try out our free online lab!


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