Friday, January 04, 2008

Wrestling with tech demands of younger workers: Why you need to take notice.

Young people entering the workforce today have an entirely different way of using technology, so it's crucial to provide more and more collaborative Web 2.0 applications.

But collaboration doesn't stop there. The intellectual property and tried-and-true business experience of the older members of the workforce, coupled with the techno-savvy new generation, can give your business the edge if you harness it properly.

Younger users are often surprised to find systems and technologies they have never encountered (like the AS/400) have a stronghold in the long-term. And older workers may be surprised when such younger workers can help them erase age-old Business Intelligence problems using solutions like m-Power to rapidly create Web 2.0 applications.


Anonymous 4:14 PM  

I am in a global (non-US company)that is highly managed. That is everything is done with sharholder value as a premise. Reasonably rapid returns are expected for all invesments. "Web 2.0" per se carries no weight to us, nor does making any specific worker's tech demand in and of itself a goal. We frequently push the envelope in technology - but always for immediate profit - no other reason.

joestangarone 1:18 PM  

I agree whole-heartedly. I am not advocating Web 2.0 for Web2.0's sake. I believe no project should be undertaken where the payback is nebulous or even too long-term in this day and age. My point is that if you are undertaking a new project today, Web 2.0 is likely to be the way to go (if it doesn't raise the cost of the project too much) because that's the way today's (and tomorrow's) workforces prefer to work.


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