Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get the latest how-to development articles, updates, and tips--here's how»

If you haven't been to the m-Power User Forum recently, there are a number of brand new useful tips, tricks, and technical documents. And, now it's easy to stay on top of the updates. If you'd like to subscribe to a topic thread, or the forum itself, to be notified when new articles are posted, it's easy to do!

Here are the steps:
1) Click here to go to the m-Power forum and sign in, or register.
2) Click on a link to one of the forum topics...for example, "Tips and Tricks"
3) Now, in the top left corner just above the forum box, there is a link called "Forum Tools". Click on that, and two options appear, Mark this Forum Read, and Subscribe to this Forum. Select 'Subscribe to this Forum.'
4) There's a drop down window that lets you select daily or weekly updates (Your choice), and then hit subscribe. (You can click on Control Panel link, then subscriptions, to view your subscriptions or unsubscribe.)


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