Friday, October 12, 2007

Don't panic over Rogue IT when you can do something about it.

The Boston Globe reports that half of employees feel "more empowered than IT to control their personal IT environment," according to a new Yankee Group report (You'll need to register with their Web sites for the full articles.)

Here's the gist: Your employees look at IT as a bottleneck or a barrier to solving their problems rather than a means. So, they try solving their own problems by downloading desktop applications or e-mailing information in spreadsheets. This puts you at risk for viruses and security breaches.

However, giving users a set of centrally located Web tools, under your oversight but in their control, dramatically changes those dynamics. You can create web solutions like executive dashboards to give them a place to go, and even let them create Web reports from spreadsheets»

For a free sample application over your own files, to show your colleagues, just fill out this form to get started.


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