Friday, March 05, 2010

How much do your meetings cost?

Meetings can be many things: Productive, boring, wasteful, groundbreaking, dull, exciting (but probably not), too frequent…I could go on. But, have you ever stopped to consider just how much a meeting costs?

Yes, meetings cost money, even if no one has to travel and you use the conference room down the hall. If everyone in the meeting is getting paid to work, and I assume they are, then your meeting costs money for your company.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s take this one step further: An unproductive meeting wastes money. If you run a poorly organized meeting where nothing gets accomplished, and I know we’ve all attended at least one of those, it’s a waste of money. How many such meetings are run in your office on a weekly basis?

It’s an interesting way to think about meetings and hopefully will make you think a little differently. If unproductive meetings are something your company struggles with, check out this article on It does a great job of demonstrating the cost of meetings, and provides some nice tips for running meetings more efficiently.


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