Friday, September 25, 2009

17 Notably Bad Products from Great Tech Companies

Timing is everything in the tech industry. If your product is behind the times, no one wants it. If it is ahead of the times, no one understands it.

I thought about this fact while reading an article on entitled, “17 Notably Bad Products from Great Tech Companies.” Interestingly enough, while they failed as products, not all of them were “bad”. In my opinion, #10, #13, and #16 were just ahead of their time.

Out of curiosity, did anyone have any experience with any of these products? I would love to hear about it.


Greg Veal 11:34 AM  

In 1984, I decided on a PC jr over Apple's newest, the Macintosh. We can see what survived! Yet, it was the right choice for me then and I have no regrets. I actually loved that computer like none other I've had since. They DID have an alternate (normal) keyboard. But the idea behind the chicklet keyboard was to allow a template to slide over the keys for games. I LOVED that keyboard for Flight Simulator: All my controls were labled (on the template). So I used BOTH based on application.

In addition to the infrared keyboard innovation, it had VGA (equivalent) graphics capability before it was even called VGA. Also, the supported version of BASIC allowed programming true, 3-voice music. SO much easier to program music than the techniques we had to use with standard BASIC.

PC jr was a truly advanced machine. The box itself didn't survive, but much of the technology did! (Wanna buy a cool game cartridge?)

Say "Hi" to Cozzi,

Greg Veal

Coach LeMay 1:04 PM  

Well, obviously I think that Microsoft had a hit with "BOB"!

Bob LeMay

joestangarone 8:39 AM  

Will do, Greg! Thanks for a great post.

joestangarone 8:43 AM  

Bill Gates certainly expected more after naming it after you, Bob. Best regards to you and Bonnie!

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