Friday, May 01, 2009

Outsourcing not the big savings firms expect

I’ve found that if I have high expectations for a movie before I watch it, I’m usually disappointed. Even if it was a good movie, I'm disappointed because it didn’t live up to the unattainable expectations I had set in my mind.

I tell you this because I just read an interesting study in which suggests that many companies do the exact same thing with regards to outsourcing. They set unrealistic expectations as to the quality and savings they will receive through outsourcing, but are sorely disappointed when they aren’t met.

Knowing your options and what to expect is extremely important if you’re thinking about outsourcing. If you would like insights or questions into outsourcing application development, like knowing what questions to ask or where to start, let us know what you have on your plate. You may be unaware of some of the choices available to you.


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