Friday, March 27, 2009

16 ways IT can do less with less

I’m sure many companies are asking their employees to do more with less these days, but what about doing less with less? That is the question posed in this article, “16 ways IT can do less with less.”

I like many of the points made in the article, but some should be taken farther than they were. Take #9 for example: Besides revoking unused licenses, I would take it one step further and find new ways to eliminate seemingly necessary license fees.

For example, one of our customers realized that of all the ERP user licenses they paid for, some users only needed 1 or 2 screens. So, they used m-Power to create web applications that replicated the functionality of the screens those users needed, eliminating the need for many licenses, and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Think your company could save money in this way? Fill out this short form and let us know what’s on your plate. We’ll build you a free proof-of-concept web application using your own data in order to prove the cost-savings to you.


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