Monday, February 23, 2009

7 tech innovations that changed the world

I just read a article entitled, “7 Tech Innovations That Changed the World”, and it got me thinking: What separates a great product from an innovative product?

To me, an innovative product is one that changes the way you do things. It is something that you think about and wonder, “How did I ever function before this?” Although the term “innovative” is used so frequently, I believe that there are very few truly innovative tech products.

What do you think? What current tech products are truly innovative?


Anonymous 11:25 AM  

The above-linked article lists the obvious ones. (the internet, etc) But, for me personally, the biggest tech innovation that changed my world was the PDA.

I used to carry a Day-Timer / Franklin planner that was over three inches thick with tons of vital, irreplaceable information. If I ever lost it, life as we know it could come to an end. It was bulky, but it was indispensible.

Now with my PDA, I can keep almost all that information on my hip, and it's backed up every day when I sync it my PC.

A few years later, when my PDA merged with my cell-phone and my web-browser, it became even MORE useful.

I'm hooked.

-- Dave

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