Friday, December 05, 2008

Money-saving tip: Take a hard look at your soft costs

How much money does your company spend printing out forms, mailing invoices, or purchasing toner and paper? How much time do employees spend filing, mailing, or faxing? Be careful: These "soft costs" are hard to track and add up very quickly.

What can you do?

Automate these processes with web applications, such as an online sales portal or a web reporting solution. Instantly email reports, invoices, or forms with just a click of the mouse. You will save money on supplies and save valuable time for your employees.

The best part: These web applications will not only automate your processes, but they are easy to build with m-Power. We’ll even build you a free proof-of-concept application so you can see it for yourself.

Just fill out this short form to get your free proof-of-concept application.


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