Friday, August 29, 2008

Inadequate Tools Send Software Down the Drain

According to a recent study, Fortune 500 Companies abandon one-third of software development projects after implementation because they don’t meet user needs. Also, the average project costs $3.2 million and takes 1,300 person months to complete.

Isn’t that ridiculous? We always just assume that Fortune 500 companies have their act together. Guess not.

Reasons cited for this failure includes poor planning, lack of a process, and inadequate tools. The first two reasons can be easily corrected internally. However, when choosing a development tool, here are a few steps to take.

  1. Create a list of things you need to accomplish with this tool. Don't settle for anything less.
  2. Take it for a test run. Learn as much as you can about what your "learning curve to productivity" will be before your invest.
  3. Ask for a sample application. Make the vendor prove theirs is the right solution for you.
Following these steps could be the difference between success and failure. Take this Global 500 Company for example. They knew what they needed, found a good solution, and took the proper steps to ensure success.


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