Thursday, May 08, 2008

Instant Data--Step 1: Remove the spreadsheets

Here's a fun game to play next time you're at the grocery store. Count how many labels you see that read "Instant", "Ready in Minutes", or even "Ready in Seconds". You'll be surprised how many there are.

We live in a very instant world, a world where demands must be met on the spot.

That being said, I’m always shocked by the number of times I run across companies that keep and/or distribute their data on Excel spreadsheets. This data may be comprised of prospect lists, sales numbers, or other important information that may be needed instantly. When that data changes, a spreadsheet must be manually updated and re-distributed. Not only is this method unsecure, it's a completely unnecessary waste of time which can hurt a company's chances of staying competitive.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if all the data was stored in one secure place? What if all the data was sorted and displayed as graphs and dashboards at the push of a button? What if all the data was instantly accessible via the web?

Not only would this solve the security problems, it would make the company more competitive in an "instant" world.

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